Saturday, 27 October 2012

Bogus Paper Accepted by a Peer-Reviewed Journal

Advances in Pure Mathematics (APM) is an openly accessible peer-reviewed journal.

Joel Kontinen

Proponents of Darwinian evolution often claim that those who are sceptical of evolution never publish papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

The claim is false. However, one might be justified in questioning the validity of peer review, especially after a recent case in which a computer-generated mathematics paper was actually accepted for publication.

“Professor Marcie Rathke” submitted a paper entitled Independent, negative, canonically Turing arrows of equations and problems in applied formal PDE to the journal Advances in Pure Mathematics.

Advances in Pure Mathematics (APM) states that it “is an international journal dedicated to the latest advancement of ordered algebraic structures”.

The journal accepted Prof. Rathke’s paper but required some slight modifications to it.

What makes this interesting is that the entire paper was randomly generated.


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