Sunday, 18 September 2011

Discerning Truth

This brief book exposes faulty logic in evolutionary arguments.

Joel Kontinen

PhD astrophysicist Jason Lisle has written a much-needed introduction to the way evolutionists attempt to discredit Christians. In doing so, they often use faulty logic and even evasion. A common ploy is to add the ending ism to creation, portraying the origins debate as one of evolution vs. creationism.

Instead of arguments based on facts, evolutionists prefer equivocation or “shifting from one meaning of a word to another within an argument”. They might, for instance, change the meaning of evolution in mid sentence from merely change into what is known as molecules-to-man evolution.

Reification is another approach evolutionists often use. They attribute almost human characteristics to natural selection.

Begging the question, bifurcation (claiming that there are only two possible solutions to an issue), ad hominem (attacking the person instead of the issue) and the use of emotional language are typical approaches that evolutionists often prefer to use.

The book also includes real-life examples of arguments that evolutionists use in spreading their favourite dogma.