Friday, 3 October 2008

Harun Yahya: Darwinists Should Apologise for Their Lies

Ernst Haeckel’s fabricated embryo drawings. Image from Wikipedia.

Joel Kontinen

With Charles Darwin’s 200th anniversary approaching, the Church of England has issued an apology to Darwin.

However, Adnan Oktar, a Turkish anti-evolutionist and activist who uses the pen name Harun Yahya, says that it is the Darwinists who should publicly apologise for their lies. Yahya lists a number of hoaxes such as Piltdown man, Nebraska man, horse evolution, Ernst Haeckel’s fabricated embryo drawings, sticking dead peppered moths on tree trunks and feathers to a dinosaur fossil (Archaeoraptor) that have been used to propagate Darwinian evolution.

Yahya also says that evolution leads to discrimination. He mentions the case of Michael Reiss. Doctor Reiss had to step down from his post as Director of Education at the Royal Society after saying that creationism was a worldview that should not be despised in science classes at school.

Harun Yahya has become famous through his tens of books, especially the massive Atlas of Creation in which he places fossils of extinct animals side by side with modern forms and shows that they have hardly changed. The work has also attracted some criticism since Yahya’s organisation also posted the book to several well-known evolutionists, including Richard Dawkins.

Yahya, who is a Muslim, seems to believe in an old earth and often appeals to the Qur’an.

In Turkey, Yahya is a controversial individual who probably also has political ambitions.


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