Saturday, 22 September 2018

Prof. Steven Taylor: Soft Tissue, Proteins and Carbon-14 in Dinosaur Remains

Joel Kontinen

At the creation conference, Professor Steven Taylor (University of Liverpool) spoke of the wonders that have made dinosaurs recent.
In just the twenty years since Dr. Mary Schweitzer came up with her discovery of soft tissue in dinosaur bones, many fossils have turned to be too new for evolutionists.

Dr. Schweitzer did not believe in the beginning that the soft tissue was as old as the dinos were: “It’s 65 years old… can’t be that old.” But her subsequent discoveries, all gave the same results.

Prof. Taylor has also done measurements of actual soft tissue. He says that it’s correct to say that the same precautions were used to date the old fossils than new uses. He produced a figure, saying, that the instances to soft tissue had increased all the time in recent years. Actually, all animals had soft tissue, including the ones 500 million years old.

The same is also true of proteins and carbon-14 in dinosaur bone. They could not hold that much time – but they all do.