Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Weird Exoplanet Might Kill Planet Formation Theory

HATS-14b Image courtesy of NASA, ESA and A. Schaller.

Joel Kontinen

An exoplanet known as HATS-14b is causing astronomers to discard their theories on how planets form.

An article in New Scientist gives some background facts for the dilemma:

In our solar system, the planets all orbit the sun in the same plane, perpendicular to the axis around which the sun spins. But for half a decade, we’ve known that big planets close to other stars can have orbits that are tilted at all sorts of weird angles.”

Astronomers thought they knew a few plausible reasons for this.

But then came HATS-14b with its orbit “tilted a whopping 76 degrees from the plane in which its star spins.”

The planet is a hot Jupiter that circles a rather small star, so it “should have aligned with the spin of the host star,” as George Zhou at the Australian National University in Canberra and the lead author of a new paper puts it.

It seems that HATS-14b doesn’t have much respect for planet-formation theories.

It’s not the only one, as exoplanets tend to be weird, defying naturalistic views.

But there’s one planet that’s just right for life, the one we call home.


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