Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Koalas Use a Clever Strategy to Keep Cool

Koalas are intelligent animals.

Joel Kontinen

When the day gets hotter, koalas tend to cling tightly to tree trunks. Researchers only recently found out that on hot days, the trunks were much cooler than the air. They discovered this through using infrared cameras.

Koalas had known this all along.

According to New Scientist:

Koalas spend a lot of their time asleep, clinging to tree branches. But far from being lazy, it seems tree-hugging is an efficient way to keep cool. The trick should ensure that koalas lose half as much water through evaporation as they otherwise would.”

From a creation perspective, we would not expect animals to be stupid. We would expect them to be able to flourish even in environments that are challenging. Instead of blind Darwinian processes, koalas bear the hallmarks of intelligent design.

Koalas present a huge problem for Darwinian evolution, as they seem to have been koalas for as long as there is any evidence of them in the fossil record.


Slezak, Michael. 2014. Overheated koalas show tree-hugging is cool, man. New Scientist. (4 June).